On the walls of the old barn of Ca' Salvioni villa, built in the XVIII century, it is engraved this sentence.... and with it our history of farmers.

Located in the Pianura Padana between the Po and Adige rivers in the South East of Veneto region (Italy), since 1950 the Fracasso Lodovico farm cultivates its durum wheat and strongly believe that healthy eating is possible.

So we created our own handmade pasta that we called MOLTO BENE

We strictly apply the most appropriate agronomic sustainable techniques, in the total respect of nature , aware that the good pasta is the result of good land and of the passion with which you cultivate.

To this aim we personally monitor the selection and the storage of the wheat beans till they reach the millstone which transforms them into whole wheat flour and to the adjacent pasta factory which gives birth to the pasta extruded in bronze, slow drying at low temperature.

This is us, just different: we want to follow our wheat across its path until it arrives on our table.
Our client can monitor the growth of the wheat in the field and every single process and see every single product used, as if he himself were to cultivate, thanks to the web cams connected to the web site of MOLTO BENE.

The final customer can finally personally control the total healthiness of the pasta he will eat, thanks to the controls and the accurate analysis of certification bodies that he will find in the web site www.pastamoltobene.it.


The Fracasso Lodovico farm cultivates wheat, corn for food use, soy for milk production, Alfalfa, peas and beans.

The fields are framed by uncultivated land strips 6 meters large where herbaceous and tree species give birth to an incredible world of biodiversity.

Thanks to experience we have selected the wheat varieties that best suit the envirnoment and which express at the utmost the flavors.

Every agronomic operation is decided after the "scouting": a healthy walk inside the field that puts the man at the center of the technical choice.

The data collected are used in combination with advanced techniques as georeferencing and work with satellite control machines.

Nothing is left to chance , including threshing, made with axial machines that stroke the seed without altering the germ, just as the grandfather threshing.

The transport and the storage of the product of any single field is made by putting it in sealed bags, in order to avoid any kind of contamination and pollution.

We are just different: every single batch of wheat is sampled and analyzed by an inspection body who certifies the total healthiness and absence of GMOs.

We proceed to milling and pasta making only when we are sure that these characteristics are met.

In summary: we apply a strict internal disciplinary.


The miller and the pasta-maker are arts that can be only be done by those who have a huge passion...

Mulino in pietra We bring to grind our grain to a mill-pasta factory where the miller has wisely refurbished an old millstone, an art passed down to him through generations that finds in the stone the only way to maintain the wheat organoleptic characteristics and to keep intact its nutritive properties.

It is a slow process whose result is an excellent integral flour .... UNIQUE


Mulino in pietra The pasta maker, a mum, transforms the flour in pasta.Jealous of her laboratory and keeper of many secrets, gives birth to a dough that caresses and amalgamates using a fundamental element: water source.The bronze drawing completes her masterpiece.


The DRYING: last but not the least, only because it closes the production cycle, is the phase in which the working is made perfect..... to maintain unchanged what the field has given us: SLOW and at low temperature.... as only this can an must be.

Just different: before proceeding with the packaging,we analyze once again a sample of every single lot and through inspection control bodies who certify the chemical compounds, toxin contents and absence of GMOs. Only with the certainty of a totally healthy pasta we would sent it to your table.

Pasta Molto Bene is the only pasta who really tells you what you are eating.


Please read our General Sales Conditions and our Shipments and Returns notes before placing an order.
Shipping cost is 10.00 euro (VAT included) from 0 to 30 kilograms of pasta packages.

The clear scent of the grain that is released during cooking reminds the healthiness and quality of the product. The "alive" wheat germ is full of protein, minerals and vitamins. The delicate taste of the semi-wholemeal goes perfectly with traditional sauces such as Bolognese sauce and tomato or with original recipes... The choice is yours...

Mezze penne
Shorter in size this pasta is particularly suitable for children. A good rich healthy plate which has an high level of protein nutrients (16.3% proteins). The best option for children who are constantly moving.

A thick sheet of pasta dough... wheat scent... the strong nature of this pasta will enhance all your dishes, try it with strong sauces. The bronze wire drawing transforms every forkful in a single moment of pleasure especially combined with a good glass of red wine.

The type of processing keeps the strong flavour of wheat and the perfect cooking, ideal for hot or cold tasty dishes, dipped in the sauce or with simple vegetables... as you please.

It is a short rustic type of pasta. The stone milling, the bronze dies, the slow processing and drying retain all the nutritional and organoleptic product properties. This pasta is perfect for those looking for the healthy balanced meals, excellent with fish sauces or vegetables.

This durum wheat flour is suitable for all kind of homemade pasta. It is also used to make bread, cakes, biscuits/cookies and golden pancakes.


  • Millstone with alive wheat germ
  • Slow drying at low temperature
  • GMO free
  • Short cooking time
  • Bronze wire drawing technique
  • Certified healthiness
  • Highly digestibility ingredients
  • Locally sourced grains


  • Energy 349Kcal - 1475 KJ
  • Fat 1.7g
  • Fat of which saturates 0.3g
  • Carbohydrates 64.3gr of which sugars 4g
  • Fibers 3.5g
  • Protein 16.3g
  • Salt 0.02g
*Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Semi-wholemeal semolina from durum Italian wheats stone ground, water.


Fascia ecologica "Molto Bene" (wholemeal) Pasta is distinguished by the highest protein and fiber content, for low temperature processing, stone milling and slow drying that guarantee the maintenance of micronutrients. This process makes the pasta particularly suitable for nutritional regimes where the content in CHO (carbohydrates) should be limited or controlled (diabetic, overweight, pregnancy, diet of the sportsman in training or pre-race).
The highest protein content also ensures, at same proportion of consumed portion, a greater satiating capacity and completing the protein provision that comes from other vegetable or animal sources.

Dr. Guido Senesi
Nutrition Science Specialist
University of Padua

We have certified our product with precise analysis carried out at any time of its transformation: analysis of wheat, flour (semolina) and pasta. They are not so easy to read but we have published them to show our transparency and traceability. They certified the absence of GMOs and the research of chemical residues and aflatoxins responsible for many cancer diseases. Our pasta is at the maximum level of food safety. From the nutritional point of view we just need to draw your attention to the highest values on the market considering that proteins are also the indicator of the pasta quality.
Pasta Molto Bene is the only pasta that really tells you what you are eating.

Look at this link the lab results credited EPTA NORD:

Year 2016
Wheat origin
Field Nr 1 - La Colombaia
Via Gramsci, 517
45030 Pontecchio Polesine (RO)

Year 2017
Wheat origin
Field Nr 3 - La Colombaia
Via Gramsci, 517
45030 Pontecchio Polesine (RO)


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